Product · Mar 2, 2023

What’s new in Criteria — February 2023

February was a big month with lots of exciting updates to the Criteria app. Take a look at what was released…

New Resources and Operations views

Creating a new API involves many early conversations to align on who the API is for and what it should do. These conversations are most effective when they happen at the right level.

With the new Resources and Operations views, you can focus discussion at the business domain and user story level, and avoid getting sidetracked by the technical aspects of API design such as field mapping.

When you're ready to move forward, your resources and operations seamlessly carry through to the API technical definition.

Operations View

Shareable Links

A collaboration platform wouldn't be complete without sharing.

Now you can easily share APIs with other collaborators — even people outside of your organization.

Share API Dialog

Enhanced Docs Editor

Documentation is the primary way developers will experience your API. Writing documentation as you design is one way to ensure that you're providing an excellent developer experience.

Criteria is the only API documentation editor that syncs back to your OpenAPI definition. This month we released a number of enhancements to the editor, including

  • A more powerful attribute type picker with support for semantic data types like phone, email and ID.
  • Clearer display of sub-objects with child attributes.

Docs View

Improved OpenAPI Editor

Our OpenAPI editor got a revamp. It now shares the same engine as Visual Studio Code and supports syntax highlighting, code folding and inline syntax checking.

What's more, if JSON is a bit tricky to type you can use YAML instead.

Also, can we mention that the lovely Dracular theme goes well with the app's color scheme. 🙂

OpenAPI View

OpenAPI v3.1 Support

Lastly, Criteria now supports OpenAPI v3.1. Import, edit and export API definitions using the latest version of the specification.

We’d love to hear what you think about the enhancements we've made this month. Contact us at to share your thoughts and feedback.

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