Why Criteria

It's time to design APIs better.

Would you build a user interface without mocking it up first? Industry best practice says to start with the job to be done, progress from wireframes to high-fidelity mockups, and align with the customer at every stage. All before writing any code.

Yet we don't build API products this way…

We jump straight to code without a plan and only think about documenting the API after it's already built! This is despite companies recognizing the need to treat their APIs like their other products. Products that should meet the needs of the customer while providing a great experience.

The fact is many still regard APIs as "technical" – something only engineers need to care about. This creates silos and unnecessary handoffs that exclude the voice of the customer from the product.

Criteria ends this dysfunction by making the API design process inclusive and accessible to all, whether you're a product manager, customer, stakeholder, architect or engineer.

With Criteria, anyone who can talk about the business can also design the API that powers the business. Built-in design systems mean that everything is up to engineering standards. Your data syncs to your source of truth so that you can embed design practices at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Join us in our mission to make the world's best customer-centric APIs!

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