The collaborative API design platform

Criteria empowers teams to build better APIs, together. Define ideas, align on use cases, and move work forward—all in one place.

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Design for the customer

Traditional API-first approaches still require contributors to be engineering experts. This can exclude the voice of the customer from the design process.

With Criteria, non-technical contributors only need to describe use cases and we'll do the REST (pun intended).

  • See all use cases at a glance.
  • Get stakeholder feedback early and at the right level.
  • Avoid getting side tracked by technical details too soon.
  • Don't just enforce standards,
    accelerate their adoption

    You've got API standards — great! Have teams adopted them yet? Many teams would like to adopt an API first methodology but are too busy keeping up with business as usual.

    Criteria has your design system built in, so that all teams can get started straight away without requiring additional training or effort.

  • Create REST API endpoints in seconds, with the correct parameters and response formats.
  • Standard features like pagination and error formats are automatically defined to be consistent across your entire API.
  • Customize anything for specific use cases as needed.
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    Design your API from the developer's point of view

    Documentation gives your API life, so why is it always the last step? Traditional API design tools make you switch back and forth between "edit" and "preview" modes.

    Criteria encourages you to think about documentation from the very beginning with the only fully editable documentation UI that syncs back to your OpenAPI definition.

  • Involve technical writers from the beginning.
  • Edit everything inline, there is no separate "preview" step.
  • Two way sync with your OpenAPI definition.
  • Your source of truth throughout the entire API lifecycle

    Typically when you store your API definition under source control either everyone has to learn Git or you have wasteful handoffs.

    Criteria is a shared source of truth for your API that seamlessly transitions from design to development without handoffs.

  • Edit OpenAPI definitions directly using the same editor that powers Visual Studio Code.
  • Everything is automatically synced to your Git repository.
  • Supports OpenAPI v3.0 and v3.1 (formally known as Swagger).
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    Ship better APIs

    Deliver better-designed web APIs that developers love with a platform that connects the dots across product, engineering and quality.