Criteria vs Stoplight

Criteria is a customer-centric API design platform built for cross-functional teams.

Criteria Logo


Criteria is a collaborative platform for designing customer-centric APIs.

Criteria is ideal for cross-functional teams that start designing APIs by working with customers and stakeholders before jumping into the technical solution.

Criteria syncs to your Git repository as OpenAPI, so you can integrate your design process with other tools (including Stoplight).

Stoplight Logo


Stoplight is a pioneer of the API-first approach and is a great choice for engineering teams looking for comprehensive tooling for their technical specification.

Since the Stoplight platform is built around the OpenAPI specification, it can exclude many product managers and non-engineering team members who aren't comfortable working with technical specifications.

Why choose Criteria?

Translate high-level business needs into detailed technical designs with best-practice design systems, smart defaults and templates.

  • For API product managers

    Criteria is built for API product managers who spend their time talking to customers, understanding the business and identifying requirements.

  • Edit your API as documentation

    Criteria is the only platform that allows you to iterate on your API as documentation. Other editors still require you to learn the underlying OpenAPI concepts.

  • Go beyond linting

    OpenAPI linters like Spectral can only tell you what's wrong. Criteria understands the semantics of your API and empowers the least technical person on your team to design excellent APIs.

Ship better APIs

Deliver better-designed web APIs that developers love with a platform that connects the dots across product, engineering and quality.