Product · Aug 1, 2023

Introducing Criteria Diagrams

API products don't have a tangible interface or something physical that you can point to. This makes them incredibly difficult for many people to visualize and understand. Textual documentation goes some way towards bridging this gap but still demands a lot from the reader.

Humans are visual creatures and often a flow diagram of your API, which describes a sequence of calls or the flow of data, can be much more effective than paragraphs of text.

Criteria Diagrams is a free tool to document your REST API as a flow diagram

With Criteria Diagrams you can:

  1. Import your OpenAPI definition.
  2. Visualise your API as a sequence calls.
  3. Export as web-friendly PNG or SVG image.

Criteria Diagrams

A common issue with diagrams is that that output can quickly get out of date with your API. Criteria Diagrams are backed by an OpenAPI description, so your workflow examples match your API's documentation.

It's completely free to use — give it a try now →